Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Word Pictures

DISCLAIMER: I am purposely not adding any pictures to this post.  I want you, Dear Reader, to form your own pictures for this post.

Shortly after I began working on my last post about Words, Kevin Cordi posted the above quote on Facebook.  "Hooray," I thought, "the lead-in to my next blog."

I promised a story or two; so I'll start with a poem I wrote one morning while watching the world from my backdoor as the rain stopped and the mist began rising over the Valley.

After Effects of Rain
© Julie Moss
March, 2015

On a misty, moisty morn
Vapors rise from the valleys
As smoke rises from
The village fires.

Damp air hangs heavily
Clinging to the mountains
And even though the temp
Is warm, a chill permeates.

The cat refuses to stay inside
Prowling the new wetness
Instead of sitting by her
Fire.  What does she seek?

The mistress dreams of a day
With no obligations
A day of her own
To do with as she wishes.

Here's a link to an older post that tells the story of how I came to be in this world.
What's your coming into the world story?

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