Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where Have I Been? Writing a book of Chinese Folktales

Has it really been over a year since I posted? Oh, what have I been doing?

Well, the last four months of 2009 I was subbing in the library at Marsh Elementary School in Monte Vista, CO. Then I spent two weeks freezing in Florida after Christmas (yes it was below freezing at night for almost the whole two weeks!).

The rest of the winter and spring I began in earnest to write my book of Chinese Folktales. The submition dealine I set for myself has been moved a number of times for good reasons and is now looming again. Hopefully this time I will make the deadline and not have to reset it once more.

Storytelling did happen though. I helped a small but determined group of fifth graders find their inner storyteller at Evans School in Alamosa, CO. These students persisted and were rewarded by being able to perform for the public at their World's Fair in May, 2010. They even convinced their teachers that they should receive as many points for telling a story as for producing a Power Point.

SLV Spellbinders journeyed to tiny Costilla, NM, to bring the joy of story to local students in April.
SLV Spellbinders also helped Bill Metz Elementary School in Monte Vista celebrate their International Day the first Friday in May, 2010.
SLV Spellbinders tell stories on KRZA (88.7 fm) on the last Sunday every month. Sometimes it's just me and other times I am joined by various storytellers. I enjoy telling stories on the radio and have gotten to the point where I can even do it without an audience.

I bartered some stories with Charlie Sanchez when he fixed my HD receiver which I told for his son's birthday party in April, 2010. Bartering got into my system and the next barter resulted in 6 tickets to the Creede Theatre for their Summer, 2010, season. I was able to see three plays and invited my daughter and husband to join me.

The end of July I drove from Colorado to California by myself while listening to stories on CD all the way! I think some of the other drivers must have thought I was crazy I was laughing so hard sometimes. The NSN Conference was life-changing. I met storytellers I had only heard of and many, many I hadn't. I was able to share a couple stories at two story swaps where the hosts became my new friends. My roomie is also a friend now.

In September we packed two cats and some clothes, books and everything from China into the car and drove to Florida where I will be living until June, 2011. That led to more new storytelling friends (Tampa Bay Area Storytelling Guild) and opportunities to tell.

Circle C Ranch in October for my grandson's birthday.
Two Telebrations this month along with stories at the Oscar J. Pope Elementary School and Dale Mabry Elementary School. Watch for photos.

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