Monday, October 10, 2011

Back Home in Colorado

Back home in Colorado the end of June. Deadlines for expanding the Anthology of Chinese Folktales kept me busy all summer! And now it will be a reality this coming spring. Details as they are available will be posted!
But here's what I can tell you now.
The manuscript almost doubled in size as I added new stories, revised and researched.  Librarians love doing research; so I was having a ball.  Luckily from my desk I could relax by looking out on my garden from time to time.  The pinyin glossary was finished by my new friend Li Kuo - what a joy!  Huang Sky wrote such a wonderful Introduction.  And this week I finish up the gathering of endorsements, questions and pictures of yours truly to use for publicity.  It's all coming together.

Oh, and those grandkids I left back in Florida?  Well, they moved to Denver so we see each other every month!  They were testing out some of my stories last winter.  The oldest already has his favorites.  We taught a special song to the kids at the library before I left.  Storytelling is in the blood and will be alive and well for another generation.

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Lila said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog. How wonderful! And I didn't know the grandkids had *moved* to Denver - with their parents of course. When you said you saw them in Denver I thought it was an oddball trip or something. Double wonderful. Stories Alive!

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